Batman-News Interview about FALLEN

Batman-News.Com was kind enough to sit down with me and discuss Fallen, the superhero short film that I have co-written, co-produced and directed that exclusively premieres on Dailymotion next summer. Check it out. It’s a slightly lengthy read (after all, I love to talk about myself) but I promise some interesting anecdotes on the thought and development process that went into making the superhero short film. Here’s a snippet from the interview:

Batman-News: You mentioned that an original superhero named Ephraim is the hero of your story. Can you tell us a little bit about what kind of superhero he is?
Dan Marcus: When I actually sat down and started writing the screenplay, I had actually pictured him as more of a Thor type, because I was drawing from the grigori, and in The Bible they were fallen angels, and I conceived Ephraim as this young, handsome, fallen angel. However, my lead actor, Brian Kavanaugh, came in for auditions one day and he absolutely blew everyone away. He brought this dangerous, almost cavalier quality to the character that I absolutely loved, and as we went about revising the screenplay, his audition fed directly into Ephraim’s characterization. It was literally a case of an actor coming in, shattering expectations, and making a character their own. Before Brian had come in, I had seen Ephraim one way, but after his audition, I saw him a completely different way. I began to re-envision Ephraim as someone with a dash of Indiana Jones, Wolverine, and the Batman. He’s not a clean-cut, conservative, Clark Kent type of person- he’s more like Chuck Yeager or Han Solo. He’s rough around the edges and he doesn’t care about being polite. I always said when we were developing the script that just because he’s a superhero and he saves you doesn’t mean he has to necessarily like you. It actually worked out very well, because the cavalier Ephraim would not fit into our previous version of the story, but by making this story more current and more about Ephraim’s struggle to either be a hero or not, it allowed me to really play with Ephraim’s personality. The way he treats people and the way he responds to things can sometimes be a little shocking. You know, he’s not a conventional superhero in the traditional sense- he’s not charming like Superman and he’s not even driven by rules like Batman. He has a bit of an attitude and he’s not exactly a people’s person. He’s not the person who would automatically be assumed to be a dashing hero. He’s someone who was unwittingly and unexpectedly propelled into the position of being this savor to the city, and like anyone, after a while of doing this, he begins to question whether or not he even has the desire to be this hero anymore. Everyone looks to him to be their savior, and he realizes it’s a responsibility he’s not sure that he can handle anymore.

Click the link for more.


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