FanFilmFollies Interview about FALLEN

Earlier this year, Christopher Moshier of FanFilmFollies was kind enough to talk on the phone with me for an hour (a whole hour!) as we talked about creating, developing and making the superhero short film Fallen. We also get into some other topics, like the state of fanfilms in general, including my thoughts on where fanfilms are headed, and some superhero TV shows like Smallville (and why Clark Kent won’t just put on that damn Superman costume yet…) so give your ears a listen if you are really bored and looking for an entertaining diversion for an hour.

“So let’s start back with our 21-year-old writer/director guest Dan Marcus who has created his own short superhero film called “Fallen”. If you watch the trailer you’ll find the production more grounded in the same vein as “Heroes”. You know. No tights. Just powers! Now you have to hate Dan because at such a young age he already has the tools to make quality productions at minimal cost. To what I’ve seen of “Fallen” so far it equals a lot of what I see in the movies or on television and in some cases exceeds. I can’t imagine what he’ll be doing in five or ten years from now, but I know it is going to be crazy awesome.”

Thanks Chris! Check out this link to hear the podcast interview.


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