“Interstellar”: This generation’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”

Warning: This review, or post, will include MAJOR SPOILERS for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. Please read further at your own risk. I admit I was worried going into Christopher Nolan’s newest opus, Interstellar.  As a self-admitted huge Christopher Nolan fan, I was worried that I would either be 1) extremely biased or 2) disappointed because my expectations were so […]

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“Streamline” on Vimeo

The latest film from Falling Awake Productions is online. Check out Streamline, a science-fiction short film. It was produced by Seneca Lester and Miles Van Denburg. It stars Joel Reitsma, Cheryl Graeff and Bruce Edwin Moore. The story follows a man haunted by traumatic memories must confront his past while eluding mysterious pursuers. The film has been […]

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Holiday Movie Preview

The fall/winter movie season is finally upon us. If you’re wondering what movies to look out for this fall/winter then here is a list of movies that you absolutely cannot miss. As one of the most highly regarded parts of the year when it comes to film and entertainment, the fall/winter movie season is usually […]

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Before The Dawn

There’s a moment in Batman Begins that’s undoubtedly one of the best ending stingers I’ve ever seen in a movie. Having conquered the villainous Ra’s al Ghul and his attempt to poison all of Gotham City, Batman and newly promoted Lieutenant Gordon are talking about the threat of escalation. Gordon is essentially saying that this […]

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Waiting for Batman

I don’t remember when my love affair with Batman first began. As far as I know, I came out of the womb with a bat-cowl, cape, and my umbilical cord was my trusty utility belt. From what I can recall, I remember always having the VHS of Tim Burton’s Batman, which came out a month after […]

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