Favorite Movies of Summer 2010

I’ll be making my Top Ten Movies of 2010 list in a few weeks, but in the interim here’s a blast from the past: my favorite movies of the past summer. This was a really lackluster summer for movies. Compared to 2008 where you had Iron Man, The Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk, WALL*E, Get Smart, Hellboy […]

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Film review: INCEPTION

Inception **** Starring Leonardo DiCaprio (Dom Cobb), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Arthur), Ellen Page (Ariadne), Tom Hardy (Eames), Ken Watanabe (Saito), Cillian Murphy (Fischer), Marion Cotillard (Mal), Michael Caine (Professor Miles). Written by Christopher Nolan. Produced by Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas. Directed by Christopher Nolan. Inception is the type of film that grows on you. In […]

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